Successful iStopMM launch pioneers a new way to manage disease

This week, the iStopMM team launched the ambitious screening, treatment, and prevention program for MGUS, SMM, and MM in Iceland.

ASH 2016: What’s trending and what’s not

The 58th Annual Meeting & Exhibition of the American Society of Hematology is upon us, starting in San Diego on December 3rd and running through December 6th. This year, there are more than 700 myeloma-related presentations, with 114 oral abstracts, and 573 posters covering sessions on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

NCCN endorses MRD testing: what does this mean for patients?

NCCN endorses MRD testing: what does this mean for patients?

China Visit Strengthens Ongoing Collaborations to Improve the Lives of Myeloma Patients Worldwide

This past weekend members of the IMF’s Asia team visited Shanghai, China. There were meetings with both myeloma doctors and patients. In 2011, the IMF created the Chinese Myeloma Working Group (CMWG) with the support of myeloma experts Prof. Wenming Chen, Prof. Jian Hou, and colleagues. Joint meetings have been held once or twice each year since then.

New MRD Testing Launched at 2nd International IMF-EuroFlow Workshop

“Adopt not adapt” was the mantra as more than 124 attendees listened intently to the opening lectures given by Dr. María-Victoria Mateos, Dr. Bruno Paiva, and myself at last week’s 2nd International IMF-EuroFlow Workshop on Myeloma MRD (minimal residual disease). Dr.