FDA Reverses ODAC Vote and Approves Panobinostat (Farydak®) for Relapsed Myeloma

In a surprise move this week, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Farydak®, despite the 5-2 vote by the FDA’s Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee (ODAC) recommending against approval in November 2014. The approval is obviously good news for the myeloma community.

Revlimid Receives Frontline Approval in the US

In a highly anticipated decision announced this week, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of Revlimid

Is Measles a Problem for Myeloma patients?

Cases of measles have been very much in the news: 121 cases (as of today) reported in the US this year. To assess how much myeloma patients might need to be concerned or not, it is helpful to put this number of cases in perspective.

Crowdfunding for Myeloma Research: Is It a Good Idea?

There has been some discussion lately about an alternative method of funding myeloma research known as crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is the act of raising money from a large number of individuals on the internet for a specific project or venture.

Is this something which might be helpful for the myeloma community? Perhaps.

IMF’s Asian Myeloma Network Succeeds in Providing Access to Pomalidomide in Asia

Access to new drugs outside of the US is frequently delayed by several years following FDA approval in the US. For example, lenalidomide (Revlimid®) received US FDA approval in June 2006, yet is still not fully approved and available globally. This lack of access has a significant negative impact for myeloma patients.