The promise and challenges of "Personalized Medicine" for myeloma

A recent publication in New England Journal of Medicine brought to attention the fact that tumors do not have a single genetic type or signature.  Multiple biopsies revealed diverse genetic patterns within the same cancer samples in the same patients.  No longer can we rely upon a single biopsy to tell the whole story.  Perhaps even more sobering, we need to get used to the notion that planned th

Sugar or Stress (SOS): Which is Worse?

Sometimes it takes very bad news to get people to make necessary changes in their lives. Someone diagnosed with lung cancer might finally give up the 2-pack-a-day habit they've had since high school. Someone who experiences a heart attack might finally cut some fats from their diet and increase their cardio workouts.

Caring Enough to Find and Sustain a Cure

The United States is running out of Methotrexate®, which is part of a drug cocktail that cures acute lymphatic leukemia in children. Why?

Facing the Challenges of 2012

One of the many ongoing challenges that we face at the International Myeloma Foundation is to try to strike a balance between "information deficit" and "information overload." Founded on the principle that "knowledge is power," the IMF strives to make information about multiple myeloma available to all who seek it, but sometimes patients, especially newly diagnosed patients, are