Are We Starting to Cure Myeloma?

In a recent paper in the journal Blood, Dr. Bart Barlogie and his team at the University of Arkansas in Little Rock claim they are "Curing myeloma at last: defining criteria and providing the evidence." This is a bold statement.  I would argue that while the paper provides a statistical/computer model, achieving and documenting true cure demands a follow-up of individual patients and cannot be predicted by a computer model.

Cancer Drug Costs: Is the System Broken?

This past weekend, "60 Minutes" focused on the high cost of cancer drugs. Although the discussion centered on treatments for colon cancer and chronic myelogenous leukemia, it is an across-the-board problem. Lesley Stahl interviewed experts at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center about the very high cost--$11,000 a month--for a new drug, Zaltrap, to treat colon cancer, versus $5,000 a month for a very similar drug, Avastin. The prolonged survival benefit of 1.4 months did not seem to justify the doubled cost.

Saving the Planet--and Preventing Myeloma

In recent weeks, you may have seen full-page newspaper ads signed by 160 award-winning scientists from around the world pleading for funding to help save the planet in the face of climate change.

10 Steps to Better Care: The Bottom Line for 2014

So much has been written and said about myeloma this year. But what is the bottom line for important changes in 2014 versus 2013 and before? Here are the high points in the context of the IMF's 10 Steps to Better Care, comprehensive guidelines with diagnostic and treatment information designed to ensure patients receive the best care.

Should Myeloma Treatment Be Fully Personalized?

Recently there has been discussion among some myeloma patients concerning the need for fully personalized myeloma treatment. Is there a benefit to this type of approach? Intuitively, the answer is "yes."  But I would argue that "no" is the better answer.