Matching Resources with Stratified Recommendations for Myeloma Care

Two recent publications highlight the need to adapt guidelines to accommodate treatment that is truly available in different countries and regions of the world.

Black Swan Research Initiative's Distinctively Different Pathway to a Cure

Earlier this year the IMF launched the Black Swan Research Initiative, a breakthrough approach to finding a cure for myeloma. Following in our footsteps, others are ramping up their myeloma research efforts. This is great news for myeloma patients, and in science it's particularly useful to have lots of people examining data in different ways.

Black Swan Research Initiative: Setting the Stage for Progress

We know that the Black Swan Research Initiative is critically important, so we want to keep you up to date on our plans and progress. For many patients, their future care may depend on the outcome of our research, and we are often asked for answers before the research has even begun.

Good News: Alcohol Is Not a Bad Thing for Myeloma Patients!

Recent findings have suggested that consuming at least some alcohol may reduce the risk of myeloma. A new comprehensive analysis (pooled analysis of several studies) of 1,567 patients with myeloma compared to 7,296 controls--individuals without myeloma--was published this month.  The myeloma patients were from the U.S.

Black Swan Research Initiative: As We Move Ahead, What Will We Learn?

The Black Swan Research Initiative team has been busy since our spring launch. Team members are laying the groundwork for clinical trials and perfecting the extra-sensitive testing regimes that will allow us to measure minimal residual disease, identify pathways to cures, and improve treatments along the way.