China: the new frontier in the search for a cure for myeloma

I have just returned from the IMF's visit in China where there are more myeloma patients than anywhere else in the world. It is with this in mind that the IMF has established the Asian Myeloma Network, to address the growing incidence in one of the world's most densely populated regions.

Early Access to Carfilzomib for Eligible Patients

Ever since Carfilzomib, made by ONYX Pharmaceuticals, began progressing through the clinical trials process from Phase I forward, it has been a regular topic of interest on the IMF Hotline.

On the subject of rainbows and earthworms

Reading about the newly re-discovered Rainbow Toad in Borneo reminded me of my January 27, 2011 post referencing Mae-Wan Ho's 

My Search for a Cure

At this month's Patient & Family Seminar in Dallas, TX, I posed this question to the panel of myeloma experts: "What myeloma research would you conduct if you were given $100 million?" Faculty member Dr.