The Importance of Having a Plan

When a myeloma treatment or research plan comes together, it can be a great achievement. But it is unlikely to occur by chance. The goals and options need to be laid out very carefully ahead of time.

Precision Medicine: Is It a Must, a Bust—or Something in Between?

Two new articles give completely different perspectives on the value of precision medicine. In the case of myeloma, precision medicine means the development of new, targeted therapy based upon specific gene mutations in the myeloma. A review article in Science lists the “Ten things we have to do to achieve precision medicine” and gives a sense of optimism that, although there are challenges, it is only a matter of time before the advent of precision medicine.

Is Expensive Gene Research the Top Priority?

There is much hype these days about genetic research and big data analyses. How do those approaches apply to myeloma? Are they the appropriate approaches for myeloma research?