PET/CT Scanning Comes of Age: New IMWG Guidelines Published

New IMWG guidelines for PET/CT scanning have been published inThe Lancet Oncology. In his blog this week, IMF Chairman Dr. Brian Durie congratulates Dr. Michele Cavo and his team for their report on this extremely accurate imaging technique, used to establish a diagnosis and to monitor throughout the course of the disease. “The new IMWG guidelines provide a comprehensive review of the current role and optimal uses of FDG PET/ CT scanning,” he writes.

The Value of Annual PET/CT as a Screening Tool for Myeloma Patients

In last week’s blog, How to Be Safer as You Live Longer,” I cited the value of annual PET/CT as a screening tool to monitor low-level myeloma, detect hidden infection or an early second cancer. This prompted one reader to comment that “Medicare and supplemental insurance companies will not yet cover the cost of the procedure as a screening tool” and to ask for some “practical help” to obtain coverage.

Understanding MGUS and Early Myeloma: News and Notes

This week there are several interesting items in the news that help us understand how and why monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS) occurs, and when it may or may not turn into active myeloma.