Can the ASCO “Value Framework” work for myeloma patients?

Cancer drug costs are high. In an effort to rationalize the use of expensive drugs, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) has proposed what they call a “Value Framework.” This framework uses a complex points system (See Fig 1. of article).

Prioritizing the search for new drugs to achieve a permanent remission

In the two weeks since we lost one of our most beloved patients, our inability to cure myeloma has been staring us in the face.  It was absolutely wonderful that Mike Katz lived 25 years after his initial diagnosis. But we need decisively better drugs to achieve our goal of permanent remission. Until we cure myeloma, the extensions of life we achieve are only as good as the next new drug emerging from around that next corner.

Paperwork Required to Receive 9/11 Myeloma Coverage

The personal stories of toxic exposures potentially linked to myeloma just keep on coming! I am grateful to all who shared them with me.

10 Steps to Seeking a Second Opinion

Whether or not to seek a second opinion is a key question and a concern for all patients with myeloma.  This 10-step summary attempts to answer the "ifs, whens, and hows" related to seeking a second opinion.  

Caring Enough to Find and Sustain a Cure

The United States is running out of Methotrexate®, which is part of a drug cocktail that cures acute lymphatic leukemia in children. Why?